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At GM Joinery, bespoke means bespoke. We make your designs a reality, and we are limited only by your imagination and ambitions. We love the challenge of intricate designs, and we thrive on the unusual projects that frequently come into the workshop.   

The workshop is staffed accordingly. The skillset available to you has been put in place to meet the demands of the wide variety of projects we undertake. We have experienced wood machinists, CNC operators, bench joiners, and French polishers; all of the skills under one roof that enables us to self-deliver our clients needs. 

These highly skilled craftsmen are supported by the latest technology; using CAD design, we achieve extraordinary levels of accuracy and efficiency. So, passion and skill are blended with the latest technology and up-to-date manufacturing techniques to ensure every project is completed to the highest possible standards and often exceeding the client’s expectations. 

Our Process

  • Setting Out

    Setting out is the first and arguably one of the most critical stages of any project. Beginning with a full site survey and the production of Auto CAD 2D drawings, our team then liaise with the architects or designers to ensure our detailed drawings are accurate, and that they are a correct interpretation of your requirements. 

    From these approved drawings, our team then create all the manufacturing shop- drawings with the detailed information that enables our team of skilled craftsmen to create and assemble your products.  

  • Machining & Assembly

    Since the company began back in 1991, we have invested in the right equipment to enable us to provide the best possible results for every project. We continue to invest in new technology when it is appropriate and when it will create a benefit for our clients. From CNC Machines, Timber Moulders to Hot Lamination Presseseverything is reviewed regularly as part of our ongoing investment programme to ensure our craftsmen have the right tools to deliver high-quality products most efficiently. 

  • Materials & Finishing

    Whether it’s solid timber, MDF, MFC or solid surface, we use the best quality materials to complete your project. We will also provide the benefit of our experience and expertise to advise when relevant about the best materials to achieve the desired result. 

    Regardless of the chosen materials, our final stage of the manufacturing process is our spray shop, where we finish all products in our enclosed spray booth using a range of paints, AC products, lacquers and French polishes. This critical process ensures you receive your products with the best possible finish. 

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