Woo Your Visitors With Wood

We recently met a business owner who purchased a new reception desk online. In his quest to find something out of the ordinary, he scoured the internet and found a statement piece offered by a manufacturer in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, when his new furniture arrived, it was neither the quality nor the scale he expected.

It’s more common than you may think, especially with cabinet furniture. Invariably, buyers’ expectations and what is delivered are miles apart.

The business owner had correctly identified that the entrance to his offices is the perfect place to create an impact with a signature piece of furniture. He wanted the Wow Factor but ended up with something less than.

The business owner wasn’t aware the solution was on his doorstep. As manufacturing joiners based in Glasgow’s East End, GM Joinery creates stunning furniture to exact specifications. Over many years, we’ve worked with architects, interior designers and directly with clients to build remarkable reception desks and cabinets for entrances, boardrooms and offices.

Working with wood naturally provides unique results; after all, no two pieces are the same! We have the experience, expertise and machinery to handle even the most complex profiles. Then, using our in-house Finishing Department, we can provide the precise finish you want – you are only limited by your creativity.

They say you only get one opportunity to make a good impression, so is your entrance all it could be? If you would like to find out more, we would love to speak to you and show you the unique and stunning results that can be achieved using wood to woo your visitors. Give us a call at 0141 556 0481 or email us at info@gmjshopfitters.com today and let us know what it is you are looking for.


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